1a) WRITE – Set Goals

Set Goals     bpg-goals-sml

1. First and Foremost – Define, then pursue your own goals:
You can easily get sidetracked going off in a direction without carefully considering it. What are your goals?
To Gather readers?____ get feedback?____ improve writing?____ get published?____ self-publish?____ make money?____ gift your memoirs to family?____ organize your thoughts?____ preach an idea?____ persuade?____ contribute?____ foot in the door?____ etc.? ____  Add your own _________. Until you goals are set, you’ll not have clear directions and could get sidetracked.

2. Publishing Pathways shows the paths you can take from creation to writing to success. Check out your options, and the directions you can take to accomplish your goals.

2. Make your writing the best it can be before you rush to distribute it. (See Editing)*
Find competent friends or colleagues to read and critique your work. Accept criticism graciously. Consider the changes others suggest. Be willing to write and rewrite. When close to done commission a professional editor. Obtain a striking cover, etc. Take your time, make sure it’s stellar work before you publish. Many writers utilize the web and ebooks to publish; but only a small percentage offer interesting, concise, excellent writing. Strive for a product worth your reader’s time. The quality of your work will forever brand you.

3. Spend only when you feel confident it’s worth the expense and time. ClipArt-Money-Bills
Here we offer a free overview (with suggested followup areas) for aspiring writers.Carefully research other courses, tutorials, books, videos, etc. especially those asking you to pay. Spending is easy. Getting a fair return on that investment may be difficult. Invest the majority of your time writing and perfecting rather than squandering it on videos and courses.

4. Sell yourself, not just your book.
Position yourself as a professional. Create your own Media Folder* of items to promote you and your book. Take time to make yourself known, in person and/or on the internet. Join groups, listen and contribute. Learn and grow.

  • asterisks show topics we’ll cover later and post here. Do check back periodically.

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