1d) Edit – Digital and Eye

Start with your own editing (Digital and Eye)

Each day as you begin writing, it helps to read what you have down so far, and make that your starting point to continue from.

Thus begins the editing process. My “24 Hour” brain discovers that after just a day, many type errors jump off the page. Yet when I attempt to proofread immediately after typing, I do not see them. A day’s separation allows one to look at the work fresh and new.

Your computer spell-checker is a good place to start, but it does not find all the misused words, incorrect but match a dictionary word. Exasmples: Their, there and the’re; too, two and to, etc. The computer’s grammar checking is also helpful, but not complete. If you wish, begin with the computer editor, but don’t count on it to do all your work for you.

Try a “delayed” reading, one or several days later. Try reading back to front. The story line will make no sense, so you can focus on each sentence separately.

Things like extra words (e.g. a “the” at the end of a line, and another “the” at the beginning of the next, are easy to miss. Sometimes a word with double letters will have three instead of two, and if you read quickly you may pass over it.

A wonderful woman who proof-read at our print shop said, “I always read three times. First for the spelling. Second for the grammar –  was it correct and easy to understand? And finally, for the flow.” Ask yourself, “Did it make sense? Was it as crisp and clear as possible? Were the paragraph breaks in the best spots and paragraphs not too long? Did I eliminate all unnecessary words? etc.”

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