2a) PUBLISH – Rejections from Publishers and Agents

Join the club! Some publishers’ editors might make comments to help you improve your work when they reject. It’s a compliment that they took the time to respond. Who’d bother to take the time for someone who has absolutely no promise?

Don’t despair – put it away and later, when you’re feeling better, get the letter back out and read it objectively. There may be some critique nuggets there to help you rise above your disappointments and submit a much better manuscript the next time.

You cannot get discouraged. I’ll tell you, if no one else will:

You are doing great work! Take a moment and write out all your accomplishments, all your good traits, all the things which make you proud of yourself. Then, when nicely typed out, hang the sheet of compliments somewhere you can easily see it, and when you’re feeling down, take time to read it over and feel proud. Add to it as you can.

Writing is difficult work. It takes courage, and an insights. But most of all it takes perseverance. President Obama said in his speech 64 days after his inauguration that he believes in “perseverance” and will keep working until he succeeds. If he can, you can do that too!

Go get ‘em! And in the meantime, consider Self-Publishing.

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