5a) About Us – Why and How?

 After working about 40 years in the print/publishing business, we can provide an adequate overview of the writing to publishing process – offering time and money-saving information for authors. So that’s what we are doing here.


We believe you deserve a clear understanding of what’s needed to write well and succeed, without having to spend a fortune, and without needing to research hundreds of web sites to get answers to your writing-publishing questions.

An overview of the varied paths you can take is here, plus “how to’s,” mistakes to avoid, and sources for further research into specific areas . With your support we’ll be able to keep those informative articles coming.

Please, if you’ve do find some really helpful information make a small DONATION to keep us supported. The more encouragement comes our way, the faster and better we can be.

If you seek information not yet available here,  us with specifics so we can research and eventually provide it for you, and other site visitors. We will list credits to anyone providing constructive and helpful information.


We are currently creating and regularly adding sections of our four Guide Booklets. The PDF booklet versions (available later) will provide more detail. First drafts are going on line currently, and will be available for FREE as we refine and edit them. When in final form, a nominal fee may be charged to download each complete PDF booklet. All monies will be used to support this site and keep updates and additional information coming.

Skip around as you need. A linear “front to back” reading is not necessary. Some guides you may not need – others you may want to study and return to over and over.

 if we are missing something which should be included. We’ll work hard to provide up to date complete and correct information on these topics, and we appreciate any help improving these guides.

Information may be repeated in several guide booklets, as some touch on similar subjects. Jump over any section you’ve already read, or don’t need, although you might find helpful information in all the sections.

Currently a “work in process,” our goal is to provide complete information and regular updates. We encourage constructive comments, suggestions and requests to include additional information. The book publishing business is changing at such a rapid rate, it’s vital to keep up with the latest information. (Because comments sections are so often spammed, we ask that you instead.)

We wish you all the best in your writing endeavours, and sincerely hope our information provided here helps you.